A regular activity in Houghton and Wyton on a Tuesday

Young Adult Carers Group

Young Adult Carers Group at Hartford Marina and Boat Yard is a recurring local activity.


organised by

Crossroads Care (Cambridgeshire)


being held at

Hartford Marina and Boat Yard


This activity starts at 19.00 and is scheduled to end around 21.00


Young Adult Carers Group is for ages 18- 25 years old, and is an informal group where you can socialise and discuss issues you may have.

Groups meet in local community venues for socialising, information sharing and sign posting, activities or one off events.

We are hoping that as many young adult carers as possible will come to the sessions or get in touch and give us their ideas to ensure we are providing what they want, when they want it.

Replacement care and transport may be available if needed.

Carers, please get in touch and encourage others that you know to come along and make these YOUR groups.

For more information please call Jean Hasler on 01480 499091


Young Adult Carers Group is held third Tuesday at Hartford Marina and Boat Yard and runs continuously through the year

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