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A brief description about Houghton and Wyton Bowls Club. Est 1964


We are a Community based Sports Club dedicated to bringing the sport of lawn and short mat bowls to all our villagers and others wishing to join our friendly Club.


Houghton and Wyton Bowls Club was established in 1964 on a corner of the Sports Field by St Ives Road on ground provided by the Parish Council. The pavilion on site is shared by other clubs on the field e.g. cricket and football. Patio doors open to the green with 6 rinks which is maintained by a group of volunteers overseen by the Greenkeeper, Brian Ray. The Club also has a social committee lead by Greta Wilkinson which organises the Annual Award Dinner, Christmas Dinner and fund-raising events such as Bingo and Quiz Nights.

Membership is open to all villagers and anyone in the surrounding area who wants to play bowls either in teams or just socially. Currently we have one coach able to teach newcomers the fundamentals of the game with a further 2-3 members planning to take a coaching course. This year we began Pay and Play sessions on Tuesday mornings where non-members can come along to try their hand at the game Sir Francis Drake was playing on Plymouth Hoe before he set out to defeat the Spanish Armada. It costs £2.50 from 10.00 -12.00 including tea/coffee and biscuits and we have some spare bowls which can be used.

Being a summer months sport, mid-April to mid-September, the Club has this year been successful in obtaining a grant from Sport England to buy new Short Mat equipment to promote more local participation in our activities. The equipment will be stored in a new shed included within the grant, at the local school. A new After-School Club will start-up for the children in the Autumn Term on Tuesday evenings from 16.00 - 18.00 hrs in the school hall. This will be followed by a further 2 hour session for older children and adults. Look out for Posters advertising this new indoor sport for all.

For membership information please contact Carole Hickey and for all other matters Bill Brown

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01480 466251


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c/o The Pavilion, St. Ives Road, Houghton, Huntingdon, PE28 2BJ



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Administration and Committee Contacts for Houghton and Wyton Bowls Club. Est 1964

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Secretary Bill Brown 01480 469386


Member Secretary Carole Hickey 01480 494085


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Visit us at Houghton and Wyton Bowls Club icon Sport Club Facilities & Leisure Centres Houghton and Wyton Bowls Club St. Ives Road, Houghton and Wyton, PE28 2BJ


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